The Stars Are Out Tonight

Brian D. Shrock

The stars are out tonight
The moon is shining bright
I want you to be with me tonight.
I never get too much
Of the magic of your touch
With you the feeling's always right,
I want you with me tonight.

Verse 1:
We've had times that were good,
And we've had times that were bad
And times we wondered if
We'd ever make it through
But no matter how things go,
There's one thing that I always know
They always go better when I'm with you.


Verse 2:
Happiness is so wonderful to share
Heartache and grief are so hard to bear
But whether I'm happy
Or I'm blue,
One thing I know is true
I always feel better when you're there.


Verse 3:
Let's go walking hand in hand,
The night is right for romance,
The moon and the stars
Look on from above
Let's show them we're in love.


© 2002 by   Brian D. Shrock;   All rights reserved.