Spiritual Shrock Therapy

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Bible Class Notes (Added 04/22/09)

My Relationship With Jesus

Shrock Quarry - Pebbles to Ponder

Are You Worthy? A Question of Value

Notes About Music - Instruments in Worship

Special prayers (added 05-30-2009)

Coming or planned:

Stop Avoiding Hell! Steps to Spiritual Maturity

What Does It Take to Be Saved?

Hijacker Heaven?


Some additional thoughts (planned for later expansion):

You are made in the image of God, who is the Great I AM, so you can say, I AM! You are who you are supposed to be. To glorify God, be you!

Are you worthy of Christ's death? YES! Because He decided you were. None of us were deserving, but each of us is so important that the Creator of the universe chose to die for us! I'm so important that he did that for me! Remember how important you are, and also how important each individual is. Jesus paid no less of a price for you than for your fellow man. Treat yourself and others with this in mind.


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