Secrets for a Better Life!

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About Marriage (Added 12/01/09)

The next writing was originally developed as a speech for a Toastmasters International Speech Contest.

"Happily Ever After" - Relationship Builders and Destroyers (Added 9/2/11)

Driving Tips(Added 12/11/09)

Well, the time between 2002 and now has been rather brutal, but I, learned some even better secrets:

o The Road Adventure seminar, - better than therapy.

o Life Enrichment Boot Camp, a much shorter more condensed version of The Road.

o The New Beginning Seminar - for saving troubled marriages.

o Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel - an alternative to counseling.

As you build connection, your issues will diminish.

o The 10 Second Kiss by Ellen Kriedman. Also, Light Her Fire and Light His Fire.

o The grass only looks greener elsewhere because you're comparing patches under different conditions. If you have brown grass, it's because you haven't watered and fertilized it. If you get new grass, it will eventually look the same or worse because the way you care for it hasn't changed. Focus on nurturing the grass instead of removing the weeds.

Coming or planned (as of 2003):

* Expect the Worst, Hope for the Best! How to Set Yourself Free!

For me the world is a far better place than it was just a year ago, and everybody in it is far better than they were just a year ago.

But the world and the people in it have not changed - I have! Tests indicated that I was more depressed than 70% of the population, but now I'm happy. And I am very grateful to God and to Dr. Tom Payton for helping me make that transition. If that's a change you'd like to make too, give him a call at 972-437-3370. It could be the best thing you ever do for yourself. It was for me. [12/1/09: I have other thoughts about this now. That was true when I wrote it, but there's much more to the story since that time.]

Recommended reading:
Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend,
Twelve Christian Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy by the same authors.