Written Prayers

Ron Carlson said years ago in a Bible class I attended that we ought to learn to praise God more like David did in the Psalms. Using this along with the example of the "Lord's Prayer", I began to open my my prayers with praise. This, with encouragement from others, and my own personal spiritual journey (much of which was painful through my own blindness and mistakes) transformed my prayer life, including public prayers. I began to actually pray about my prayers and write them down in preparation. The result has been a blessing to me and apparently others. So I have posted some of these prayers here to share those blessings further. I am grateful to a God who works through my weakness and allows me to be a channel for His blessings in this way.

2006/01-08 Communion (Checkmark)

2006/12-10 Prayer (Undone/Universe of Love)

2008/04-06 Prayer for Contribution (Painter...)

2009/04-05 Communion (X-Spot) and Contribution (Repossessed)

2009/05-17 Prayer (Life and Adoption)

2009/07-05 Communion and Contribution, Freedom and Living

2009/11-22 Communion and Contribution, "Adoption" Sunday

2010/01-03 Prayer (Courage / Fearless)

2010/01-31 Communion and Contribution, Righted Wrongs / Salt


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