Humorous Writings by Brian Shrock


"Smelborp" was created around 1993 specifically for a Toastmasters Humourous Speech contest. It was later revised in 2009 for another such contest. It is surely better heard than read - at least the first time. Nevertheless, here it is. Enjoy.

Smelborp (Added 2/2/2010)

"The Pink Gorilla" was born from a 6th grade project to create a children's story for the first graders. We not only wrote our own stories, but we also bound and illustrated our own books before delivering them to the 1st grade library. I am forever grateful to our teacher for her creativity, her patience, and her inspiration. Years later, in 1993, I modified "The Pink Gorilla" for, once again a Toastmasters contest, for "Tall Tales". More years later, around 2008, I embellished it again for another such contest. This is the most recent version.

The Pink Gorilla (Added 2/2/2010)

For my High School Newspaper, I wrote a humorous column called "Alternate Angles". While it was often juvenile, on occasion it could be entertaining. Here are some of those writings.

Off The Subject (Added 09/02/2011)

What Don't You Understand? (Added 09/02/2011)