My Personal Relationship
With Jesus

Brian D. Shrock
May 23, 1995

I find myself feeling some reluctance to consider my personal relationship with Jesus because of the accountability and higher standard that a personal relationship brings with it. It reminds me of how small and imperfect I am.

Yet I know that it is my relationship with Jesus that makes me somebody and I have nothing without it. It is there and there alone that I find hope, peace, and confidence. I find reason to love my fellow man and to strive to become better myself. I find strength to deal with whatever life gives me.

In the past my relationship with God and Jesus was hindered by the perception that Christianity was an obligatory life forced upon me as the only available alternative to Hell; and that even this was a precarious proposition in which I could be condemned for unknown sin or one for which I failed to ask forgiveness. Although I remained a loyal servant, this fostered in me an unconscious resentment toward God. How could I develop a healthy personal relationship with a God or any person who forces me to serve him?

Fortunately, I developed a better understanding of grace and mercy and the gift of salvation and love that God has given me. Much of this has been since God has blessed me with children of my own and provided me with a means to begin to understand the great love he has for me, as one of his children. I can learn to love Him because I now know he is not ready to kick me out for the slightest offense, but rather embrace me with all my faults and mistakes, probably beyond the point where a human father might disown his son. If I seek Him, he will not forsake me.

Once I began to develop a healthy relationship with the Father, only then could I develop one with the Son. How could I truly acknowledge his human form without knowing his understanding and compassion for me? Jesus, my brother, my King, my companion. He gives me access to the Holy Spirit who helps and comforts me. God the Father is Jehovah the Almighty. He is the authority figure and I serve him. But Jesus is my brother, though he is God too, and I take comfort in the thought that I serve with him.

Though I am weak, I am made strong through my personal relationship with Jesus. It is the essence of my life. This relationship gives my life form, meaning, purpose, and consistency. It is the rock on which I live, the anchor to which I hold. He provides a power that I cannot comprehend, a peace that I cannot understand. Though I sometimes forget these things, He never forgets me. I cannot imagine life without these benefits, without this relationship. He is my Savior, my King, and my Friend. So I remain loyally His forever.