Spiritual Shrocktherapy

ShrockQuarry - Pebbles to Ponder, Rocks of Reason, Stones of Meditation

o A Question of Worth

You are of incredible value! Why? Because of your performance? No. Because of characteristics you were born with? No. Because of your wealth or status? No. Not because of anything you did or can do. Isn't that great?! That takes the pressure off. What is the value of a diamond, a painting, an antique car? The items are not valuable by their own merit. Instead their worth is set by those who want them.

You are of incredible value because Christ decided you were worth dying for. You are worthy because God decided it was so. The creator of the universe went to great lengths, endured amazing pain, and performed immense sacrifice because YOU are that important, that valuable, to him. He wouldn't do it if you weren't worth it - to Him.

Every person is individually so important to God, that he became human and died for him or her, for you. Every person that has become a Christian has become a Son or Daughter of God, a prince or princess of the ultimate King. More than that, when we are covered in the blood of Jesus, God sees us as Jesus. Remember this in the way you treat others and the way you treat yourself! How would you treat Jesus? How would you treat a prince or princess of God? How would you treat someone so important that the King of Glory died to save?

Treat yourself and others with amazing value and importance, for that is what God Himself has declared we have.

o I AM

God's creation emphasizes His affinity for uniqueness. Faces, fingerprints, snowflakes, trees... no two are quite alike. Often, if one thing attempts to appear or function like another, it will be diminished. In the church, the members are referred to as different parts of the same body. God values differences. To glorify him fully we must be different, not the same. A duck that tries to perform as a squirrel will not do well, nor a squirrel that performs as a duck. We are all different, but that is intentional. I am different, you are different, but God meant you to be you! Not only that, he meant you to be! We are made in the image of God. God is the Great I AM. I am made in the image of God. I AM!

o Forgive and Forget?

What if you loan something to others (money, a book, a CD, etc.), then you forget you did it and they never return the item or pay you back? What do you have to forgive? I suggest that forgiveness requires remembering. We forgive the debt, and no longer hold the debtor accountable for it. However, it might be poor stewardship to make another loan. Certainly in the case of a molester, forgiveness may be the right approach, but forgetting may not only be foolish, but put more people in danger. Forgiveness cancels a debt, and may remove punishment, but it may not remove consequences. God recounts Israel's sins and the fickleness they showed. When He remembers our sins no more, it is the debt, not the act that is forgotten. The bottom line is "Balance: PAID IN FULL - By Jesus!".