Tenth Anniversary

Poems for My Wife

Sent 12 flowers, 10 red roses + 2 yellow roses, the card read:

Red is the Rose
That beautifully grows
Under the sky above,
Ten stand here
All giving cheer
For each year of our love.
Yellow is the flower
That radiates the power
Of the miracles God has done,
Two in these ranks
Are giving thanks
For each of our children.
The time is now
To tell you how
Much you mean to me,
Here's a bouquet for you
I love you true,
Happy Anniversary!

10th Anniversary Poem:

It's been 10 years since we said I do,
Ten years since I married you.
They have been good years,
Without much trouble or grief,
And our fights have been few and brief.
We are parents now, blessed with two good boys,
Who sometimes bring challenges, but mostly joys.

You're a good wife, a wonderful mother, and a great cook,
And your faults are few, and easy to overlook.
Though you're most like McCoy and I'm more like Spock,
And you're a music maven, while I'm a techno-jock,
Though we have our differences, this is true,
I can't imagine life without loving you.

It's been 10 years since we said our vows,
A decade that we've been married now.
Though the days and weeks can be slow,
While the years go fast,
It's comforting to know our marriage will last.

Here we are with special friends,
To celebrate a love that never ends.
May each year it always be,
A Very Happy Anniversary!

© 2002 by   Brian D. Shrock;   All rights reserved.